Saturday, April 28, 2018

April So Far

This month of April has been a bit of a slow one. Most of the expected migrants started coming early on, but once the middle of the month arrived, it was almost like migration stopped. Very few new arrivals showed up, and many species from earlier in the month (Golden-Crowned Kinglet, Fox Sparrow) were still around. Around April 20th, many spring overshoots began to show up, starting with a few Summer Tanagers and a Blue Grosbeak that I stumbled upon. This month was also full of rarities, such as Wilson's Snipe, Seaside Sparrow, and Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. My year list (and photo year list) has been slowly increasing up until a few days ago, when many more species started to arrive. Migration is just starting to heat up now, and I'll write more about the last days of April very soon.

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